About Me

My passion is in my work. I get to do what I love,
and luckily, I get to do it every day.


Eric Allsopp

Graphic Designer


A graduate of UCF in Emerging Media, I grew up with balancing a heavy interest in both sports and art and have had the wonderful fortune to cross those two worlds as a designer for Orlando City SC, a Major League Soccer team in Orlando, FL. Over the course of my collegiate and professional career I’ve learned more than I ever would have thought possible, and found myself with the chance to create works of art that are presented to hundreds of thousands of people every day. A few pieces have even hit national and been used to show case things like MLS events, advertising for Orlando City, or brand the entire face of an organization like Orlando Pride.

I primarily focus on photo composition and editing, I enjoy using my understanding and love for photography and Adobe Photoshop to assist me in creating anything from year long campaigns to one-and-done pieces. I also have a distinct understanding of vector based art and commonly use Adobe Illustrator not just to assist my raster based work, but to create things like logos, wordmarks, or full vector pieces and sketches. I’ve also started to explore animation, self taught in Adobe After Effects and been responsible for balancing every need of all 3 teams under the Orlando City umbrella and communication with sponsors as large as Adidas and Nike.

I’ve loved using these tools to create and bring my, as well as others views to life. I’ve learned, I’ve taught, but two things remain constant in my life; Han shot first and the cake is a lie.